At Room2Breathe we are proud to offer a number of services including:

Decluttering, Organizing, Transforming rooms to give you optimal space, Photo scanning and Digital photo organizing and decluttering, Moving, Downsizing, Packing, Unpacking, Donating, Shopping for items, Shredding, Providing resources, Virtual Speaking Presentations. 

We love not only decluttering & organizing rooms but transforming those spaces by moving furniture around so that these rooms are functioning optimally.

We work with individuals, families, seniors and families of seniors, real estate agents, contractors, cleaning companies, etc. How can we help you?

Do you love the feeling of walking into a hotel room where everything has a place, there’s lots of open space, clear surfaces and places to tuck your items out of sight?  This is what we offer with our easy 5 step ‘ROOM2BREATHE’ process.   Ahhhh….deep breath. Space and calm. Won’t that feel fabulous!

Decluttering & Organizing:

  • Do you have rooms that have become a ‘family dumping zone’?  
  • Have lots of boxes in your attic or basement (from previous moves?) that you want to finally sort through (i.e. basement, garage, attic) so you can maximize that space? 
  • Do you have boxes of old photos, videos and/or photo albums that you’d like organized, ‘decluttered’ and put on a USB? This not only protects those precious memories but as well this digital format ensures you will view them more often.
  • Do you need to clear some rooms of ‘stuff’ before you can have cleaning or renovations done? 
  • Want to set up your home office so that it’s functional and efficient allowing you to get more done in less time?
  • Would you like us to suggest how you can use your rooms more optimally and then move furniture around to make the most of your spaces?

Moving or Downsizing:

  • Are you moving and need some help decluttering  packing and/or unpacking? 
  • Are you moving an elderly parent and want some help downsizing, decluttering and packing? 
  • Have you recently had a relative pass away and you need help decluttering, sorting and determining what to do with all their items? 
  • Realtors do you want to help your client get their home listed? We declutter and organize fast so the listing, photos and staging can happen quickly.
  • Cleaners do you want help decluttering so that you can get into a client’s home to start regular cleaning?

Team of Experts:

  • We have a team of experts in all areas that can be of assistance including painters, cleaning companies, handymen, AV and Audio specialists and installers, IT specialists, real estate agents, stagers, interior designers, estate and auction companies, etc.

Clutter Be Gone Program:

We take all your donated items away at the end of every day/project. No more stress or feeling overwhelmed by having to look at boxes and stuff you no longer want. Clutter gone equals space and calm. Doesn’t that feel good? 

Donations That Do Good Program:

Room2Breathe is proudly committed to less waste in our landfills and giving back to our local Ottawa community. Through our Donations That Do Good program we can achieve both by ensuring that your donated items get a second life with local charitable organizations that have need of those items.

Your donated items will help many in our community including the homeless, single mothers, women fleeing violence, newcomers to Canada and those in need of supportive housing, etc. We give thought and care to the items we donate on your behalf so that they are always promoting dignity.

Learn more about the charities we support through this program on our Charities page

“Room2Breathe did a really great job of organizing my basement and my kitchen. Martha has great energy, a fantastic eye, and also goes above and beyond. She also helped me hang all sorts of art in my new home! Thank you, Martha!”

S. Nelson

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