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Our clients’ praise is the best proof that clutter-free living allows for more freedom and more clarity.  With more space and ‘room2breathe’, we help client’s hit the ‘restart’ button and transform their lives so that they can fall in love with their home again and move forwards.

“Having Room2Breathe organize & declutter our basement was the best gift I have given myself in a while.  In the space of an afternoon they transformed our basement from chaos to calm.”

Christine K.

“I knew I was never going to tackle all the organizing & decluttering I needed to do so hiring Room2Breathe was a great decision.  Martha made it all happen and she even organized my jewelry, rearranged some of my furniture and hung my paintings. She accomplished my ‘wish list’. Everything now is perfectly placed. Highly recommend Room2Breathe!” 

C. Lewis

“Room2Breathe was amazing to work with.  They were fast, efficient, full of energy and wasted no time.  They got so much accomplished.  I was very impressed and highly recommend them.”

Linda K.

“When I reached out to Room2Breathe I had hit my max with our clutter.  We were no longer even using some rooms in our home as it was too stressful to even go in them.  Room2Breathe used a wonderful process that allowed us to quickly and effectively sort and declutter everything and now we have a home that we love again.  Highly recommend Room2Breathe!” 

Michelle C.

“Working with Room2Breathe was a wonderful experience.  Not only did Martha declutter and organize my home office, my dining room and my kitchen but she did some shopping for me, sorted and removed lots of recycling, donated items to various local charities and moved a number of large furniture pieces with me.  We transformed my home from a place that was making me feel anxious and stressed to one that now makes me smile and feel calm.”

Heather W.

“We were overwhelmed with all the decluttering that we had to do and didn’t even know where to start.  Room2Breathe came in and not only organized and decluttered our office and our basement but as well they hung curtains and paintings and transformed our spaces into rooms we love and can live in again.  And they took our donations to local charities.  They are passionate about what they do and clearly love making a positive difference in their clients’ lives.”

Eva R.

“Room2Breathe staged my home and it sold in 3 days.  We got the highest return in the least amount of time.  Martha’s eye for detail and visual design is amazing.  Thank you so much.” 

Rhys D.

“I received a Room2Breathe gift certificate from my sister for my birthday and it was wonderful.  We had recently moved to a new home and my wife and I are really busy with our jobs not to mention how busy we are with our young family.  Martha came and spent 5 hours unpacking, sorting and organizing a number of spaces in our home and it made such a difference.  And she donated some of our items to a local charity.  A great gift!”

Sam and Kim G.

“We were initially anxious to have decluttering done in our home but Room2Breathe was wonderful to work with.  They are a great team and worked harmoniously together and with us to make the entire process efficient and thorough.”

Carole S.

I am a Realtor and had the pleasure of working with Martha to help get one of our listings ready for the market. She helped get the entire condo decluttered and organize with efficiency and compassion. She is simply fantastic, I cannot say enough about Room2Breathe! Thanks, Martha! I am looking forward to working together again soon.

Michelle Vankerkhoven

I have recently used Room2Breathe’s services to prepare a rental property for sale. Martha worked with the tenant to declutter and organize the unit and help the tenant prepare for the sale. The tenant was thrilled with the outcome and appreciated Martha’s patient and compassionate approach. The cleaner I sent in afterwards, as well as the realtor who listed the property for me were super impressed with how beautifully the unit was organized/presented. If you have ANY space (a room, a basement, a garage, a property to prep for sale, an office, or your entire home!) that needs decluttering and/or organizing, I highly recommend Room2Breathe!

Anna Varriano

Martha with Room2Breathe was amazing and best of all she found my long-lost Tiffany bracelet that was so special to me. I kept telling her she is a ‘miracle worker’ as I truly have a feeling of calm again in my home and so much more space. Best thing I have ever done for myself. I now have systems to keep everything where it belongs.

L. Paquette

Martha organized my entire place. She gave me so much space back (that I didn’t even know I had). Her ideas on how to maximize my space were wonderful and I’m using all of them. Everything is now in exactly the right place and everything makes sense and is easy to maintain. I highly recommend Room2Breathe!

N. DiLabio

As a busy mom with a full time job and two young children I just didn’t have the bandwidth to set up and organize my home office after our recent move. In a few hours Room2Breathe had the entire office organized, my new desk assembled, all items sorted and put on shelving, bins emptied and computer wires untangled. What would have taken me many weekends to do, they did in a few hours being efficient and orderly, making my life easier and relieving an additional mental load that I had been carrying for MONTHS! Thank you so much. I have already referred you to a number of other people.

A. Ahmed

Room2Breathe did a really great job of organizing my basement and my kitchen. Martha has great energy, a fantastic eye, and also goes above and beyond. She also helped me hang all sorts of art in my new home! I’ll definitely be referring you to my clients and friends! Thank you, Martha!

Samantha Nelson

Martha’s decluttering and organization of my home office was really great! Her suggestions made my office more spacious, practical and definitely have given me more ‘Room2Breathe’. The entire process was not only painless but fun and highly motivating.

Roxanne Goodman

I needed help after downsizing from a large house to an apartment after a split, as I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of items I had to go through. Hiring Martha was the best decision I could have made. She was energetic, thorough, creative and kind. Martha didn’t judge me or my clutter at all and helped me sift through everything with ease. I am recommending her services to all my friends and family, as her time spent at my apartment has been a Godsend! This was an overall positive and even enjoyable experience, with a lot of great conversation and laughs. Thanks, Martha! Xo

L. Shaver

Being a family of five in a bungalow, our basement had become a dumping ground for much of our stuff. Martha came in and worked with us to declutter and help create new systems for accessing the things we use most often. My favourite part is that she left at the end of the day with the items to be donated so that we could enjoy our new space right away. Best money I have spent in a long time!

E. Schaayk

I worked with Martha from Room2Breathe for my wedding in September and I don’t have enough words to explain how wonderful the experience was. Martha came to the venue the day prior to work with me for set up and from the moment she arrived it was down to business as she knew I was in a time crunch. Martha was patient, I was all over the place, new bride and COVID took its toll on me. Martha was professional and took COVID-19 precautions. Martha listened to my needs, made suggestions and even had a table handy when I realized I did not rent enough. On the day of the wedding, I did not need to lift a finger and the setup for the wedding was beyond my wildest and perfect wedding dreams. Martha listened to all my requests, took pictures to ensure the vision was right and even left me a lovely note at my table setting. I would recommend Martha to anyone looking to support you in all of your organizational needs!!

H. Atkinson

Room2Breathe helped us purge, organize and declutter our TV room and guest room, so we can truly enjoy and use them again. Martha also organized our storage area so that we are maximizing that space. I highly recommend this company!

Janis Weaver

Room2Breathe was wonderful to work with.  They did an outstanding job de-cluttering and organizing our basement.  It was a large room with a lot of ‘stuff’ and Room2Breathe completely transformed it into a functional space that we can now truly use and enjoy.


Martha’s professional approach inspired me right away. The process that she employs is fabulous and we accomplished a lot in a short period of time. She also set up smart organizing systems that will help me maintain my new uncluttered space (without having to buy any new organizing tools to do so!) I highly recommend her services!

M.W. Lee

Martha took my garage from a place we dreaded to a place where for the first time in 3 years we can work and park a car! She is so kind and efficient while making sure that everything was visible and had a spot. Thank you, Martha!

J. Leeks

Martha at Room2Breathe recently put on two fantastic workshops for GNAG.  Both ‘Decluttering to Downsize’ and ‘Conquer Your Clutter For Once And For All’ were full of tips and tricks and easy to understand processes for making decluttering more effective.  As well everyone enjoyed seeing the Before & After photos and finding out where they could donate items locally.  Thank you so much Martha!  Looking forward to working with you again. 

Mary Tsai, Executive Director, Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group

I am the owner of Maid to Perfection, a small cleaning business in Ottawa. I am so glad to have found someone who I can confidently refer my clients to for all their organizing and decluttering needs. Recently, Martha went into a condo ahead of me to get it organized and ready to sell. I was blown away going in to do a deep clean afterwards. I visit many homes each week and this one was meticulous. Everything had a place and was in good order. What impresses me most about Martha is her level of efficiency and just how much she can accomplish in a single day or afternoon. As well, she is respectful, non-judgmental and works WITH clients to achieve a result they are highly satisfied with. Of all the organizers I have worked with, I would highly recommend Martha from Room2Breathe.

Corrina Jacob

Working with Room2Breathe was a great experience that we highly recommend.  Martha inspired us with her energy and enthusiasm and in the space of 2 afternoons our basement was completely decluttered and ready for our renovations.  She took all our donations away with her and made sure they were delivered to various local charities.  If you are looking for help organizing and decluttering, look no further!  

A and G. Sneddon

Martha gives back to the community and did so in a very meaningful way with staff at CHEO. She provided us with an excellent presentation about decluttering and getting organized. If you need help to declutter and organize your home, I highly recommend you reach out to her.

H Larocque, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach & Workplace Wellness Facilitator, CHEO

My stuff was holding me back.   Room2Breathe not only decluttered my condo for sale but they also staged it.  They were organized, fast and they made a difficult experience flawless.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.  I can now move forward with the next chapter of my life.  Thank you so much!

Barb K.

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