Hello, I’m Martha. I am a mother, wife, and in my spare time I love to sing with Big Soul Project choir, see friends and putter around our home. Regardless of the season, I love to be outdoors and I enjoy skiing, skating, cycling, running and walking. And I am never without a book to read.

I am also a lifelong declutterer and organizer. I love the sense of calm that I get when everything is in its place.  It’s like the feeling of space and order that you get when you enter a hotel room.  You have ‘room to breathe’.  

We all have times of clutter in our lives.  For example, a few years ago my mother and youngest brother died a couple of weeks apart and clearing out their homes meant that our home acquired all those items I was not yet ready to let go of as each item was steeped in memory, emotion and history.  

But there comes a time when we realize that we have too much ‘stuff’ and it’s time to take control and do some purging. Too much clutter is like trying to drive forwards while looking in the rearview mirror – you won’t get far and you’ll waste a lot of time.  

Are you tired of wasting time and being stuck? Are ready to move forwards?  Perfect.  You are in exactly the right place.  No doubt the thought of tackling your ‘stuff’ is daunting and overwhelming. Don’t worry.  I know what to do, where to start and I guarantee we’ll have success with our proven 5 step process.

About Room2Breathe

We are a female-owned, socially responsible Ottawa company that is committed to making a difference in our clients’ lives through Organizing and Decluttering.  In fact, we are so sure that we’ll give you more space, less clutter and more time for you to do what you love that we guarantee it.

Do you enjoy the feeling of walking into a hotel room where everything has a place, there’s lots of open space, clear surfaces and places to tuck your items out of sight?  This is what we offer with our easy 5 step ‘ROOM2BREATHE’ process.   Ahhhh….deep breath. Space and calm. Won’t that feel fabulous!

As well, through our CLUTTER BE GONE and DONATIONS THAT DO GOOD programs, we are committed to taking the items clients want to donate away with us at the end of every session and delivering them to local Ottawa charities in need of those specific items.  Your once beloved items are given a second life. 

Singing with Big Soul Project to raise money for the Old Ottawa South Refugee Committee in March 2020 (days before the pandemic lockdown began). We raised over $9000 that evening for the refugee committee. GREAT evening!

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Martha organized my entire place. She gave me so much space back (that I didn’t even know I had). Her ideas on how to maximize my space were wonderful and I’m using all of them. Everything is now in exactly the right place and everything makes sense and is easy to maintain. I highly recommend Room2Breathe!

N. DiLabio

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