So glad you are here. We are a female-owned, socially responsible Ottawa company that is committed to making a difference in our clients’ lives through Organizing and Decluttering.  As well, through our CLUTTER BE GONE and DONATIONS THAT DO GOOD programs, we are committed to taking the items clients want to donate away with us at the end of every session and delivering them to Ottawa charities in need of those specific items.  Your once beloved items are given a second life. 

Our clients are INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES who want to organize and declutter rooms in their homes (basement, pantry, kitchen, etc.) and create functional space.

We also work with REALTORS who want to get their clients’ homes sold successfully. We organize, declutter and pack to better showcase the homes and enable photos to be taken more quickly.

We also work with SENIORS and families of elderly persons who are downsizing, going into a residence or have passed away and the family needs some decluttering, packing and/or organizing help.  

We also work with cleaning companies, interior painting companies, renovators and other HOME CONTRACTORS so that areas in the home can be organized and decluttered and space can be made to do their jobs.

Whatever your clutter, we can help and give you #room.2breathe

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Martha took the time to understand what I wanted my new office space to be and together we transformed it from a ‘family dumping ground’ to an efficient, uncluttered oasis. This office refresh has inspired me and I am now able to work smarter and get more done throughout my day. Huge thank you to Martha!”  

L. Buschman

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